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Kaltura MediaSpace

All faculty, staff, and students automatically have an account with Kaltura MediaSpace. Similar to YouTube, this tool is a one-stop shop to host and record webcam videos and screencasts with voice-over. When you’re done, videos can be embedded into your D2L Brightspace course with just a couple of clicks, and there’s a built-in auto-captioning feature.

We recommend recording lecture videos that are smaller in scope (8-15 minutes long). This increases the chances students watch to the end, and also makes it easier to edit, 添加, or delete sections later on. You can combine multiple videos into a single playlist and embed that into D2L Brightspace.

If you do have longer videos, break them up into chapters and 添加 小测验 in between to keep up engagement.

Kaltura MediaSpace automatically auto-generates captions for your videos. However, they do still need to be edited to guarantee compliance.

Benefits of Using Videos
  • Variety is the spice of learning: present content in multiple ways: readings, videos, podcasts, etc
  • Recording videos can allow you to spend more class time on active learning
  • Embedding 小测验 can increase retention
  • Recording announcements or content previews boosts instructor presence
  • Video captions ensure your course meets accessibility standards
How do I Get Started?
Watch these Video Demonstrations
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